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How to Make the Perfect Espresso

You no longer need to leave the comfort of your home to get consistently amazing coffee. No more hunting down the perfect brew. Making a delicious cup each time can be easy if you follow this guide.

Get started with just these two things:

Fresh beans yield the best and most flavourful coffee experience. Depending on the blend, most coffee beans are best brewed 1-4 weeks after roasting. At Boston Bean we explain the peak brewing time for each of our speciality blends here: ​​

Whether you’re making your morning delicious or impressing guests, follow these simple steps:

How to Make the Perfect Espresso

Achieving perfect coffee at home is only a few steps away. Follow these instructions for coffee with a consistently delicious taste.

Follow recommended recipe for bean. (dose/ yield / time)
Pour – Approx. 28 – 32 seconds


  • 14 g to 22 g whole coffee beans (depending on basket size)


  1. Clean portafilter
  2. Grind the coffee and weigh the coffee dose 
  3. Distribute grounds evenly in the basket  – Tamp coffee with medium pressure (approx. 15 kg. 
  4. Place portafilter in the machine
  5. Place coffee glass underneath
  6. Start the machine (aim for an extraction time of approx. 30 seconds)
  7. Enjoy! 

Experience Boston Bean’s award-winning specialty coffee today.

Learn more about brewing coffee at home like a pro by downloading our free PDF below.

Never put up with ordinary flavours again.

Your search for the perfect cup with amazing flavours ends today. We’ve done all the research and testing to ensure only the best is available to you.
Your daily brew will be exceptional from now on.