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How to Brew Coffee in an AeroPress

There is nothing worse than a bad cup of coffee. So disappointing! You deserve an amazing coffee experience every time, and Aeropress allows that to happen anywhere. It’s a great option for coffee lovers looking to achieve a quick, high-quality brew at home or on the go.

At Boston Bean we love the Aeropress for brewing coffee using the inversion method. Here’s why:

  • Smooth, rich, grit-free coffee
  • Simple recipe
  • Can be used anywhere
  • Minimal mess

If you follow our easy steps you’ll be able to get a perfect cup of coffee every time, anywhere.

Here’s what you need to get started:

  • Aeropress Inverter
  • Quality, fresh coffee beans 
  • Kettle 
  • Paper filters
  • Coffee grinder 
  • Scale (optional)
  • Pot/Carafe/Coffee mug

Don’t underestimate how important getting the grind right is. If you order through Boston Beans we can take care of the grinding for you, just let us know in your order that you’ll be brewing on the Aeropress and we’ll make sure it’s the perfect consistency.

One of our favorite ways to brew coffee at home or on the go that’s perfect every time. Step-by-step instructions for coffee with a sensational aroma.

IngredientsTotal time – approx. 4 mins
Brewing time – approx. 3 mins
Bloom – 30 seconds
Swirl/stir – approx. 10 secs
Brewing – approx. 2 mins
Press – approx. 30 secs

Makes 1 cup of delicious coffee


  • 11g whole coffee beans (fresh is best, shop here)
  • 200mL hot water at 95°C


  1. Make sure Aeropress is water-tight, then pre-heat the Aeropress by pouring a few grams of hot water in it
  2. Insert paper filter into the cap and rinse with hot water, this reduces the paper taste and enhances filtration
  3. Place 11g of whole coffee beans into the Comandante grinder set on 12 clicks (if you don’t have a Comandante, the grind needs to be reasonably fine, close to espresso grind)
  4. Expel the pre-heat water and place the ground coffee in the Aeropress
  5. Pour 30mL of 95°C hot water into the Aeropress for the coffee bloom and stir briefly
  6. Top up with more hot water to 200 mL total
  7. Wait 2 minutes from the first pour, then screw on the cap with the filter
  8. Invert Aeropress over a pot, carafe, or mug and press slowly for 30 seconds
  9. Stop pressing once hissing starts (no need to press all the way)
  10. Enjoy!

Are you unsure what beans will work best with Aeropress? We highly recommend our award-winning “Symmetry Specialty Blend” – it pairs brilliantly with filter style brews, such as the Aeropress. 

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