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How to Brew the Perfect V60 (Pour Over)

If you’ve got fresh, high-quality coffee beans, it would be a crime to waste them. You need to maximise that taste and get an amazing coffee experience. So what’s the best way to achieve clear flavours, aromas and subtle notes? 

The V60 is a pour over method that will deliver on taste. Perfect for lovers of filtered coffee: a fast and delicious cup every time. Here is why Boston Bean recommends the V60:

  • Perfect for lovers of filtered coffee
  • Big flavours
  • Fast and simple
  • Stylish design that optimises extraction

What you’ll need to get started:

The V60 pour over method pairs really well with high-quality speciality coffee, bringing out the complex and sensory profile. 

Join Sam as he demonstrates how to make a V60 Pour Over in real-time.

How to Brew the Perfect V60

Total time – approx. 5 mins
Brewing time – approx. 4 mins
Bloom – 30 secs

  • 20 grams whole coffee beans 
  • Hot water

Note: 1:15 ratio of coffee to water, for a 300ML Yield 


  1. Pour 20g of coffee into the grinder (Comondante grinder setting : 30 clicks) 
  2. Put the filter into the neck of the V60 
  3. Wet the filter with hot water and warm the vessel 
  4. Expel the water
  5. Pour ground coffee into the filter and level out the coffee bed with a slight shake 
  6. Before pouring water into the filter, set the timer
  7. Begin coffee bloom by pouring in 30mL of water 
  8. Leave for 30 seconds
  9. Continue pour in 30mL increments and then start to pour 60mL at a time
  10. Aim to finish the pour around  3 mins and 20 seconds to achieve a yield of 300mL of coffee bloom 
  11. Throw away the filter 
  12. Enjoy the V60 brew!

Make the most of the V60 experience by pairing it with Boston Bean’s high-quality and speciality coffee. Our Odyssey beans are perfect for V60, the exotic flavours are a real journey!

Never put up with ordinary flavours again.

Your search for the perfect cup with amazing flavours ends today. We’ve done all the research and testing to ensure only the best is available to you.
Your daily brew will be exceptional from now on.