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Peru - Lenin Jaramillo - natural process - SINGLE ORIGIN

A beautiful example of a premium Costa Rican microlot
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Peru - Lenin Jaramillo

San Ignacio - natural

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Lennin Jaramillo’s coffee farm sits 1360 meters above sea level in San Ignacio, Peru—one of thirteen provinces that make up the Cajamarca region, a lush, mountainous area in Peru’s northern highlands where coffee farming is an important economic driver and supports the livelihoods of thousands.

In certain pockets of the world, climate, elevation, and other factors align to form the perfect recipe for coffee production. Cajamarca is one of those places, a region where it seems specialty coffee is meant to be grown. With high altitudes, fertile soil, ideal temperatures, and a climate that’s been historically semi-dry, coffee farms known for producing high-quality Arabica coffee dot the hillsides, each doing its part to contribute to the region’s status as Peru’s leading export region.

Cajamarca’s coffee industry, like the rest of Peru, is dependent on numerous smallholders. That is why you find many farms between 2 and 3 hectares of land. Large estates are rare. On the farm, you find small pulpers and several home-built parabolic dryers. In some cases, farmers dry parchment alongside the road.

High-yield varieties like Catimor, Catuai, and Mundo Novo are popular among growers. Besides these sturdier varieties, you will find others like Bourbon, Typica (which locals call ‘National’), and Caturra.

Coffee Profile

Producer: Lenin Jaramillo

Region: San Ignacio, Cajamarca, Peru

Altitude: 1360 masl

Harvest: May - Sept

Varieties: Catimor, Mundo Nuovo, Caturra, Typica

Processing: Natural


Evenly balanced with a smooth medium body. Cream, passionfruit, pineapple . Lingering sweet toffee.

Brewing Suggestions -

please feel free to experiment

Pour Over Recipe: (credit: Tetsu Kasuya)

Grind size: Coarse

Water Temp: 89 - 92 degrees Celsius

Ratio: 20g for 300 / 1:15

Brew time: 3min 30s

  1. Rinse filter & pre-heat pour over vessel of your choice.
  2. Pour in 20g of coarse-ground coffee
  3. Add 60g of water per pour 5 times, waiting 45s between each pour. This results in a total brew of 300g.
  4. Control the balance of the coffee by modifying the 1st and 2nd pours. For a sweeter brew, make a smaller first pour (e.g. 50g). For more acidity, a larger one will do the trick.
  5. Use either less or more water for the second pour to compensate for the difference (if any) in the first one.
  6. The 3rd, 4th and 5th pours can be tweaked to 2 larger 90g pours for a weaker brew, or into 4 smaller 45g pours for a stronger one.

Espresso Recipe:

Peak Brewing: 7 – 35 days post roast date

Brewing Ratio: 44% (1:2.25) i.e. 20g dose = 45g extraction yield

Extraction Time: 28– 32 seconds

Temperature: 93 degrees Celsius

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