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Miguel Dominguez

El Otono - Microlot

Process: Lactic

Altitude: 1700 - 1900 MASL

Varietal: Yellow Typica

Best Brewing: 7 - 40 days

We have secured a very limited amount of this amazing Colombian coffee.

This coffee was grown on Miguel Dominguez's small 3 hectare farm in Gaitania, Tolima. Miguel is part of the indigenous community Nasa Wes'x. He has been surrounded by coffee since the age of 13.

The coffee was pulped right after picking & fermented inside ceramic tanks without water for 35 hours The temperature and very low oxygen levels were maintained during the fermentation process. The coffee was then placed on raised beds until the ideal moisture content was achieved.

Tasting: Rich and complex with red fruits, guava, malt and brown sugar.

Brewing: This one is for the filter style fan. We recommend this beautiful coffee as a pour over, aeropress or plunger. Great in a stovetopper. (Richard also rates it in a long black).

Pour Over Recipe: please feel free to experiment (credit: Tetsu Kasuya )

Grind size: Coarse

Water Temp: 89 - 92 degrees Celsius

Ratio: 20g for 300 / 1:15

Brew time: 3min 30s

  1. Rinse filter & pre-heat pour over vessel of your choice.
  2. Pour in 20g of coarse-ground coffee
  3. Add 60g of water per pour 5 times, waiting 45s between each pour. This results in a total brew of 300g.
  4. Control the balance of the coffee by modifying the 1st and 2nd pours. For a sweeter brew, make a smaller first pour (e.g. 50g). For more acidity, a larger one will do the trick.
  5. Use either less or more water for the second pour to compensate for the difference (if any) in the first one.
  6. The 3rd, 4th and 5th pours can be tweaked to 2 larger 90g pours for a weaker brew, or into 4 smaller 45g pours for a stronger one.

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