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Brazil Roseira Farm – Microlot

– Available in 250g and 500g bags

Thanks to our friends at Southland Merchants we can offer a very limited quantity of this beautiful example of a fine Brazilian coffee. Perfectly suited for brewing espresso-based beverages. Grown by Leda Aparecida on her small family coffee plantation.

Watch the video below to learn more how Leda and her family are raising the profile of amazing Brazilian coffee


Tasting: Sweet juicy peach and pear. Hazelnut with notes of cherry, clean bright acidity. Lingering cocoa finish.

Producer: Leda Aparecida

Region: Mantiqueira de Minas

Altitude: around 1200 meters

Variety: Red Catuaí

Process: Natural, selective hand picking dried in raised beds

Espresso Recipe:

Espresso Recipe:

Peak Brewing: 7 – 35 days post roast date

Brewing Ratio: 44% (1:2.25) i.e. 20g dose = 45g extraction yield

Extraction Time: 28– 32 seconds

Temperature: 93 degrees Celsius

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