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Loca Ceramic Coffee Filter

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Loca Ceramic Coffee Filter

LOCA is an eco-friendly, ceramic filter that does not require a paper filter. LOCA's unique ceramic technology removes miscellaneous flavours and brings out the clear taste and aroma of coffee.

Our filter is seemingly a solid piece of artwork but this special ceramic system is composed of countless micro-pores, through which coffee or other beverages are filtered. The resulting taste and aroma of your coffee or beverage is unparalleled compared to other pour-over systems. This makes the LOCA Ceramic Filter an ideal pour-over system.
With proper periodic maintenance, a Loca filter will last a lifetime.

Loca Ceramic Filter taste graph.jpg

Scientifically proven taste change with LOCA ceramic filter

In order to capture changes in the taste of coffee brewed with the LOCA ceramic filter, we conducted a comparative test using a taste recognition device. As a result, it was proved that compared to coffee drip with a paper filter, the taste is kept as it is, the miscellaneous taste and bitterness are suppressed, and the sweetness is easier to feel.

Bitterness is also largely removed and any roughness is smoothed out quite nicely. These refinements equal nothing short of enhanced enjoyment!

[Tested by Intelligent Sensor Technology Co, Taste Recognition Equipment TS-5000Z at the Saga Industrial Technology Centre]

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