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Ethiopia - Yirgacheffe, Shitaye Mamo Shalo - Anaerobic - EXOTIC - SINGLE ORIGIN

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Ethiopia - Yirgacheffe Shitaye Mamo Shalo - Anaerobic

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Another amazing coffee from our friends at Utopia Coffee.

This stunning microlot is produced by a dedicated husband-and-wife team who run this exceptional farm. Shitaye Mamo Shalo, is a skilled farmer and producer, she is also the mastermind behind this exquisite coffee.

Located in the picturesque Gedeb woreda of the Gedio zone, the farm employs anaerobic yeast fermentation to enhance the coffee's flavours. Only the finest cherries are handpicked from the 5-hectare farm and undergo meticulous floating to eliminate imperfections. They are then transferred to a fermentation tank with the yeast strain "Saccharomyces cerevisiae," creating an enchanting anaerobic environment where CO2 interacts harmoniously.

After 9 days of fermentation, the cherries are carefully dried on raised beds for 25 days, ensuring the perfect moisture content. The result is a cup of coffee that embodies passion, precision, and uncompromising quality.

Tasting: Complex, Red Fruits, Dark Chocolate, Ripe Strawberry

Region: Gedeb Woreda , Gedio

Producer: Adde Shetaye Mamo Shalo

Altitude: 2090 metres above sea level

Varietal: Heirloom

Grade: 1

Process Method: Anaerobic

- Allow at least 10 days post roast date to allow this coffee to fully develop in its sealed bag before brewing.

Pour Over Recipe - please feel free to experiment (credit: James Hoffmann):

  • Water Temp - 95°c
  • Dose -18g, grind - medium fine (39 - 45 clicks on a Varia hand grinder or 21 - 28 clicks on a Comandante hand grinder)
  • Pour -
    • 00:00 - Bloom - 45g water
    • 00:45 - Pour to 180g
    • 01:35 - Pour to 300g
    • 02:05 - Stir the surface gently once with a teaspoon and give the V60 a gentle swirl
    • 03:10 - Done - Enjoy your cup (Thanks Henry!)

or try this recipe from ONYX Coffee Lab:

  • water temp 96°c - 250g water total
  • Dose 16g medium / fine grind (adjust grind to get 2:30 drawdown)
  • Pour: each pour is reasonably quick (approx 8g / sec)

- 00:00 - Bloom - 50g water

- 00:30 - Pour to 150g

- 01:00 - Pour to 250g

- 01:30 - Give the dripper a gentle swirl

- 02:30 - Done - Enjoy your cup


Peak Brewing: 10 – 35 days post roast date

Brewing Ratio: 44% (1:2.25) i.e. 20g dose = 45g extraction yield

Extraction Time: 28– 32 seconds

Temperature: 93 degrees Celsius

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