Ethiopia Guji Hambela

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ODYSSEY – “a long and eventful or adventurous journey or experience”

Ethiopia Guji Hambela

The Hambela district is in the Oromia Region of Ethiopia and is a part of the Geydo Zone. This coffee has been grown and selectively hand picked by a small group of growers from within the village of Buku Abe and is grown at at an altitude of 1950 to 2000 meters above sea level.

Processing occurs at the AZTAD milling station. The coffee is sun dried in the cherry on raised beds for 4 - 6 weeks and hand turned every couple of hours to inhibit mould and over fermentation.

This Guji region is adjacent to the famous Yirgacheffe region and is renowned for producing some of the finest coffee’s available anywhere, this coffee is no exception.

Tasting: A beautiful example of a naturally processed Ethiopian coffee. Medium bodied clean and complex with a syrupy mouthfeel. Honey, apricot and cocoa with floral notes. Long, sweet, fruity finish.

Producer: Grown in semi forested shade on a selection of small farms. Processed at the Kochere Bonde Mill.

District: Hambela, village of Buku Abe

Zone: Geydo

Altitude: 1950 – 2000 metres above sea level

Varietal: Heirloom

Grade: 1

Process Method: Natural

Brewing Suggestion – espresso:

Peak Brewing: 7 – 35 days post roast date

Brewing Ratio: 21g dose – 42 gram extraction yield (1:2, approx 50% brewing ratio)

Extraction Time: 30 – 34 seconds

Temperature: 92 – 93 degrees Celsius

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