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Ethiopia - Guji, Guribea - Natural - EXOTIC - SINGLE ORIGIN

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Ethiopia - Guji, Guribea

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A beautiful example of a premium Ethiopian natural

Savor the refined flavors of Guji, Guribea coffee, meticulously curated by producer Esaias Beriso Arere in Oromia's West Guji zone. The 32-hectare estate, perched at an impressive altitude of 2350 meters, boasts red clay soil, defining the distinguished origin of this exceptional coffee. With 2500 trees per hectare, each cup of Guji, Guribea embodies the meticulous synergy between elevated terrain, soil integrity, and conscientious cultivation.

Processed naturally, this coffee epitomizes a commitment to unwavering quality. Harvested between November and January. Embracing an organic-by-default ethos, Esaias Beriso Arere ensures that only fully ripened red cherries, handpicked by his family, contribute to this lot. The result is a brew that encapsulates the profound passion and dedication of the Beriso family with each gratifying sip.

Tasting: Goji berries, creamy lime & sweet rockmelon.

Region: Guji, Hambela Wamena

Producer: Esaias Beriso Arere

Altitude: 2350 metres above sea level

Varietal: Heirloom

Grade: 1

Process Method: Natural

Drying: 12 - 17 days on raised beds

Ideally suited to drinking black using filter style recipes to ensure full appreciation of the subtle flavours and aromas.

Pour Over Recipe - please feel free to experiment (credit: James Hoffmann):

  • Water Temp - 95°c
  • Dose -18g, grind - medium fine (39 - 45 clicks on a Varia hand grinder or 21 - 28 clicks on a Comandante hand grinder)
  • Pour -
    • 00:00 - Bloom - 45g water
    • 00:45 - Pour to 180g
    • 01:35 - Pour to 300g
    • 02:05 - Stir the surface gently once with a teaspoon and give the V60 a gentle swirl
    • 03:10 - Done - Enjoy your cup (Thanks Henry!)


Peak Brewing: 7 – 35 days post roast date

Brewing Ratio: 44% (1:2.25) i.e. 20g dose = 45g extraction yield

Extraction Time: 28– 32 seconds

Temperature: 93 degrees Celsius

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