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Cafetto Spectra Descaler Sachets (25g sachet x 4 sachets per pack)

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Spectra Descaler

With a smart colour indicator system

  • Colour indicator tells you whether your machine is completely free of scale or whether the descaling process needs to be repeated
  • Unique pH-sensitive dye compounds highlight the difference between an ineffective and effective descaling solution
  • Safe for all machine parts, Spectra will not cause corrosion to your machine or leave harmful residues
  • Can be used on aluminium, brass and stainless steel

Spectra Descaler can be used on a wide range of equipment

  • Professional espresso machine water tanks and boilers
  • Coffee brewers
  • Kettles
  • Domestic thermoblock espresso machines
  • Capsule machines
  • Milk delivery lines

Product Information:

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