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Brewista Cone Shape Paper Filter #4 Size 100pk

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Product Details

Brewista Cone Shape Paper Filter #4 Size 100pk


  • Cone-shaped filter is universal
  • Filters the finest of grinds to offer a clear cup
  • Perfect fit for the Brewista dripper
  • Biodegradable refined pulp - no dyes or chemicals used, so doesn't affect the taste
  • Suits all cone shape drippers including HARIO 'V60 02' and 'V60 03' sizes
  • Made in Japan by Cafec


  • 100 filters included
  • Suitable for 2-4 cup brewers
  • Virgin paper pulp

How To Use:

  1. Following the stitch line, fold the filter paper
  2. Place the paper filter in the dripper and pre-wet
  3. Put the ground coffee in the pre-wet paper filter
  4. Throw away the paper filter after brewing is complete
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