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Brewing an Aeropress coffee

Our Favourite Aeropress Brew

We love our Aeropress, fast, easy to use and best of all, fantastic coffee. Here is our favourite Aeropress brew recipe.

  • What you need:

Aeropress kit, filter (either paper or replaceable stainless steel Able filter), brewing scales, freshly roasted coffee beans, grinder (electric or hand), hot water.

  • Method:
    1 – Preheat the Aeropress and your cup with boiling water
    2 – Soak the paper filter (if you’re not using and Able replaceable filter)
    3 – Grind 20 grams of freshly roasted beans into (the empty) Aeropress (espresso grind or slightly courser).
    4 – Tare the brewing scale
    5 – Pour a small amount of just off the boil water onto the grounds and gently stir, pre soaking for a few seconds. Simultaneously activate the timer.
    6 – Fill  till 160 grams is measured and gently stir again
    7 – Wait 90 seconds
    8 – Fit the filter to the Aeropress
    9 – Invert the Aeropress over your cup and press out, taking about 30 seconds.
    10 – Enjoy!

Please share your favourite Aeropress recipe with us

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