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Wholesale Coffee & Gear

At Boston Bean Coffee Co., we supply & support carefully chosen cafes & restaurants who are passionate about Specialty coffee and the Boston Bean Coffee Co. brand.

Our mission is to develop and grow long lasting relationships built upon quality coffee, training, equipment and support. We aim to ensure every Boston Bean Coffee Co. partner prepares and serves the perfect cup every time.

Some customers may prefer to concentrate focus on their own brand, Boston Bean Coffee Co. are responsive to our clients’ needs both in terms of our products and service. We are a bespoke coffee roaster offering custom roasts for your business, ready for your label and marketing.

Boston Bean is a multi award winning coffee roasting company. We will not compromise on quality.

If this sounds like what you need from your coffee supplier, we would love to hear from you

Our Coffee

Boston Bean Coffee Co. are Australian Specialty Coffee Association (ASCA) members and aim to ensure all our coffee fits within ASCA guidelines. This means that the coffee is sustainably and ethically sourced and meets strict quality standards.

Our multiple award winning coffee Blends and Single Origins are the result of much research and experimentation. We source Specialty green coffee samples that are graded and cupped to ensure only the finest green coffee is ultimately purchased.

Training & Support

When buying coffee for your cafe or restaurant we realise you are not just buying coffee. As important, is access to equipment, servicing, and training. A partnership with Boston Bean Coffee Co. is a partnership that will enable you to stand out from your competitors.

Boston Bean Coffee Co. wholesale customers have access to training. This is an essential service and is vital to ensuring every cup of Boston Bean Coffee is perfect.

The Roastery

Roasting coffee is part science, part art, our head roaster is fortunate to have trained under some of the most experienced and decorated master roasters.  Our Loring™ Falcon S15 roaster is regarded in the industry as one of the finest, it is energy efficient and the technology enables consistent & repeatable quality roast outcomes every time. Each coffee is individually profile roasted prior to blending and bagging.

Quality control is essential and each roast is measured objectively using state of the art equipment as well as more traditional subjective methods i.e. cupping. Each roast is logged and traceable.

We will not compromise on quality.


Boston Bean Coffee Co. is proud to have partnerships with industry leading brands. We supply everything from cups and saucers, espresso machines, barista equipment and brewing gear. Boston Bean Coffee Co. have partnered with Silverchef to offer competitive equipment financing options.

Some of our brands include:

Plus Many More
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