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Brazil Sitio Taquara – Microlot

This is a beautiful example of a fine Brazilian, naturally processed microlot. Perfectly suited for brewing espresso-based beverages. Grown by Quezia and Geovane on their small family coffee plantation.

Quezia’s love affair with coffee stems from the life’s work of her great-grandfather, Elizeu Cardoso—his knowledge of coffee farming has been shared within her family for generations. Her father, Adevalcir Tavares still works hard on the family coffee farm and has cultivated forty-five years of hands-on experience in the field. Quezia and her partner, Geovane, were both born and raised in an extraordinary, passionate coffee environment. After many years as coffee growers, they came to know the world of specialty coffee and were immediately keen to know more. Hard work and persistence have always been part of their journey. In 2015 they realised it was time to take their farming to another level and they sought qualifications that would lead them to produce great coffees, with unique aromas and unforgettable flavours. Quezia further pursued a Q-Grader certification for a better understanding of specialty coffee standards, as well as the ability to grade her own produce. Simultaneously, her partner, Geovane, focused on production, and implementation of the best practices to target the overseas market.

Tasting: Sweet juicy raspberry and nectarine. Floral notes with clean bright acidity. Long cocoa finish.

Producer: Quezia and Geovane

Region: Alto Caparaó – Mata de Minas

Altitude: around 1000 meters

Variety: Red Catuaí

Process: Natural, selective hand picking dried in raised beds

– Available in 250g and 500g bags

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