HarioV60 Travel Mug

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Hario – V60 Uchi Travel Mug

The Hario Uchi Travel Mug – combines every facet you need for hot coffee or tea on the go.

Is the Uchi the perfect keep cup for those concerned about our “war on waste”? We think it may well be, here’s why:

Its vaccuum thermal insulating qualities are perfect whether you are trying to keep your beverage hot or cold (just like an insulated flask)
The Uchi Mug is dual layered, minimising the opportunity for condensation to form.
Pop your favourite coffee dripping system on top to brew directly into the mug (Hario V60 Drip System) https://bostonbean.com.au/store/Coffee-Equipment-c...
Take it to your favourite cafe and get it filled, avoiding wasteful disposable paper cups (war on waste).http://www.abc.net.au/ourfocus/waronwaste/
Built in drink spout makes your Uchi Travel Mug convenient to use anywhere.
It has a wide mouth, convenient for putting in ice cubes or for cleaning.
Hold up to 350ml

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