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Full flavour starts with fresh coffee. The Friis Coffee Storage Canister, Coffee Savor blocks out light and air to seal in flavour. The Friis Freshness Valve vents away continuous CO2 gases that are a result of the roasting process. Stored in a cool, dry place, your coffee stays rich and full of flavor. Simply put, the Friis Coffee Vault – Coffee Savor keeps your fresh roasted coffee, fresh longer.

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The Friis Coffee Vault – Coffee Savor model features a stainless steel base with an all black BPA-free polymer lid. It holds up to 600 grams of coffee. Comes in silver, black or red.

The integrity of the one way valve deteriorates with time, to ensure optimal performance you should replace every 2 months. To help you remember, there is a helpful date wheel to the top of your Friis Coffee Savor. This rotating wheel is designed to help you set a monthly reminder to replace your valve on the appropriate day.

Learn more about the Friis Coffee Vault here:

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