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Bodum Stainless Vacuum Travel Mug 350ml

Today’s on-the-go lifestyle makes us miss out on our comforting daily routines far too often. Enjoying your favorite drink wherever you go is no longer on the list. The BODUM STAINLESS TRAVEL MUG goes where you go – just the right size and just the right color and material for all your endeavors. The Travel Mugs are made from stainless steel, plastic, rubber and silicone. We also stock a cork version.

Why compromise on an excellent cup of coffee when you’re on the go? We certainly don’t think you should, plastic keep cups are not the best to drink or store coffee. The Bodum Vacuum Travel Mug is made from stainless steel for maximum heat retention.

New and improved sealing for maximum spill protection, silicone or cork slip proof band. Perfect reusable cup for the environmentally conscious who are after the perfect travel coffee companion. No more plastic flavours in your coffee.

We Love It!!

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