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We love these versatile storage jars. Perfect for drinking chocolate, chai, green tea, in fact pretty much anything requiring airtight, food grade storage.

The very first Presso collection was introduced to the international market in 1982. Since then, it has been used in homes all over the world, like a faithful part of a modern and successful living. This is why BODUM has decided to release the second generation of Bodum Presso storage jars, taking them to the next level by using advanced materials to extend their functionality. Bodum’s new Presso collection is made from silicone and borosilicate glass and can resist extremely high temperatures. The jar itself, except the lid, is microwave safe. The Bodum Presso Storage collection invites the consumer to have full flexibility of storing any kind of products – all from very hot liquids to liquids with a high acidity level – without discoloration. The collection is designed to harmonize with any other product in BODUM’s universe. To express BODUM’s environment friendly approach to design, Presso is made of fully recyclable materials. The environment friendly spirit has always been the company’s driving force – a part of BODUM’s principles where the form follows the function, and where good design should be affordable.

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