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The Bodum Pour Over is a coffee maker featuring a permanent filter eliminating the need for paper filters and therefore creating a coffee with rich taste & robust aroma.

Easy steps:

  1. Use filter ground coffee. For each cup (4oz or 118ml), use 1 rounded tbsp or 1 Bodum scoop
  2. Slowly pour hot water in a circular motion over the grounds
  3. Allow the water to pass through the coffee
  4. Remove the filter and enjoy a truly great cup of coffee

Bodum Pour Over 8 Cup Black

Comes with permanent filter. Holds 1 litre (34oz).

Bodum Pour Over 4 Cup Black

Comes with permanent filter. Holds 500ml (17oz).

Check out the video below for useful tips and how to use for fantastic coffee (push through the presenter, his delivery is odd, the message however is great!!)

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